SelticeApps no longer publishes or updates our previously published mobile games.

Our games were exclusively for sale, or sometimes free, on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Amazon App Store. All of our games have been removed from these public marketplaces and are no longer for sale.

If you have downloaded any of our games from any other source, the games are NOT being distributed with the permission of Seltice Systems. The files may be tampered with, and we DO NOT recommend downloading or installing our games from ANYWHERE at this time without the express, written, recommendation from Seltice Systems to download the games again from our approved sources.

Our games were designed to run on older mobile hardware, and we offer no warranty or guarantee that our games will or would run on ANY device except the devices for which they were originally designed and developed.

If you need to re-download one of our games from the Google Play store only, you may contact us at selticesystems [at] gmail [dot] com and request that we temporarily make the game available for download so that you can try to instlal it on your device, but again, we do not guarantee that it will work on newer devices as this is not hardware for which the games were designed or developed to run on.

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End User License Agreement that we provided with our Games